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Alice Through the Looking Glass’ First Full Trailer Released Online

Mia Wasikowska’s Alice blunders into an enchanted observing cut-glass that directs her spinal to the Underhand to save Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.

The initial complete trailer of upcoming movie “Alice through the Looking Glass” has launched online to view and the movie is set to release on May 27, 2016. It understands Mia Wasikowska’s Alice Kingsleigh recurring to the Underland and competing in contradiction of period to but her dear acquaintance, Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.


“When the day develops the nightly and the sky develops the marine, then the timepiece raids weighty and there’s no period for a little break,” says Stephen Fry’s Cheshire Cat. He added in their dimmest hour, beforehand her concluding verse, she might come back to the home to Wonderland and go back the pointers of period.”

In this “Alice in Wonderland” consequence, Alice has consumed the previous years next in her parents’ paths and marine the tall oceans. Upon her reappearance to UK, she originates crossways an enchanted observing glass and revenues to the fantastical kingdom of Underhand and her fellows the, Cheshire, White Rabbit, Absolem and the Mad Hatter.


The Hatter has misplaced his Muchness, so Mirana directs Alice on a mission to plagiarize the Chromosphere, a metal sphere confidential the cavity of the Grand Clock that give the powers. Recurring to the earlier days, she originates crossways fellows – and opponents – at diverse arguments during their survival, and boards on a dangerous competition to be protected the Hatter beforehand period turns out.

Watch Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer

Through the Looking-Glass is a based on a novel written by Lawis Carroll published in 1871, this is a sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from the two centuries ago in 1865. Set certain six months advanced than the prior volume, Alice arrive a fantastic world, this season by uphill finished a mirror into the biosphere that she fires see outside it. Finished the Looking-Glass comprises such famous stanzas as “Jabberwocky” and “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, and the incident connecting.

The latest and recurring cast memberships are contained on new charm movie pictures for the film. See the colorful and lively new trailer of the movie which is going to release mid of the next year.

The movie trailer has made it place on one of the top videos of the week, as the trailer looks great and full of thrill it is also expected upcoming novel based movies will be a great piece for the film industry to take a spot on box office.

Kanye West busy with children and Kim Kardashian on rest after revealing pregnancy weight gain

The famous reality television star thinks she has gained over 7lbs, with her pregnancy as the expected son is really have like a pineapple. Kim’s doctor suggested her to keep controlling her weight during the pregnancy period. The reality star, have about six weeks to birth her next child. These days is not working out as it becomes harder for her.

Kim is on Kim expecting a child in just few months after and Kanye West playing his role as good dad. The rapper turned into a perfect seen taking his two-year-old girl in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday.


North was her daddy’s little princess, looking cute in her green leotard and frilly tulle skirt, pink ballet slippers and her hair in the proper topknot befitting a ballernina.

Kanye’s beloved daughter was also generous a cool concealment coat that coordinated her suit. The soon-to-be dad-of-two children letting Kim a greatly wanted break as she is being traded from pregnancy weight gain, desires and swelling.

Kim also added phrases “I’m gaining a lot of weight” on her blog


With North, Kanye was ever concentrating, letting time for North to mix a slight with her aunt Kourtney. Kourtney was informally thin in black legwarmers and a heating hoodie, lengthways with a grey baseball cap and black coaches.

Penelope observed attractive in a dark leather coat, dark tights skin fit leggy and black ballet slippers, and her extended hair was wedged up in a pigtail.

There’s something to remember the couple was weds last year however, they had their child girl before the wedding after splitting with the Kim’s ex-boyfriend Ray J. However, it was a big deal for Kim when Ray makes a dispute to grab her first child custody, but he as to stay away from her.


Kim and West’s relation looks going awesome as the rapper seems interested to manage their child even he has to take some help from his cousin. On the other hand the reality television start is just taking some rest for more weeks until the birth of their expected baby boy.

As we all know the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding was one of the most awaited events by their fans. It was not a very big show but yes they spent a lot for it. The half million dollar dress wore word by Kim and $400,000 cost of the venue arrangement and they also spent a big amount of $7,000 for a 7ft cake. This is what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian splashed over $12 million on their extravagant bridal. Her beautiful white designer cost a cool $500,000 while the 16th period attractive Italian location set them spinal another $410,000 on May 28, 2014.

Mariah Carey Joins The Lego Batman Movie to put her Beautiful voice

Mariah Carey the 45 years gorgeous leady is the news these days, as she has just joined the upcoming comedy movie, despite reports she is going to do voice as Commissioner Gordon.

Mariah Carey is being followed by the news reports as she would have a role in “The Lego Batman Movie”, the byproduct to 2014’s “The Lego Movie”. Early reports disclosed thought that this moive start songstress was on boarding to voice Commissioner Gordon, however it looks the news is not right.


The Hollywood Reporter, Mariah Carey might do voice as mayor of Gotham City. Also she, there are Ralph Fiennes, who will speech Alfred, Rosario Dawson, where she would land the for Batgirl, Michael Cera, who is on panel to speech Robin, and Zach Galifianakis, who is up to singing Fool. Will Arnett, who pronounced Batman in “The Lego Movie”, will reappearance to talk for the Dark Knight?

Chris McKay, the cartoon manager of “Lego Movie”, is guiding the plan with a writing Seth Grahame-Smith. Dan Lin and Roy Lee are creating lengthways with “Lego Movie” manager scriptwriter duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. “Lego Batman Movie” is set to be hit the cinemas February 10, 2017.

Carey’s last big movie was in 2013’s “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”. Before that, she also worked with one of the most famous Daniels about 6 years ago.


If you are a parent you must be ready to bring your children to watch the LEGO Batman’s upcoming movie. The Movie is not only an animated movie that will be directly released to the DVDs, along with all of it great features somewhat funny LEGO forms of the general champions Batman, Superman and many others. The movie distillates on excitements and aggressive, with a massive Kryptonite motorized gun, and a huge Joker robot, beside with struggling, dashing, and bangs. The tone of the battles is constantly light and humorous.

The only other subject is consumerism as there is no definite reference of figurines for auction; it will be lively to relations that the entire show is an ad for LEGO winner replicas. Motionless, this is an abundant additional stage suitable fare for superhero followers 8 and up than paraphernalia like Batman.

All of these features show the movie is going to be great entertainment even you can watch it at your home television screens. So, you have good opportunity to get entertained with the whole family while seating at your television launch. The famous actors and actresses’ voice has also made the movie more interesting to enjoy each moment and scene.

Bravo Declared ‘Real Housewives’ Dallas and Potomac Release

The Real Housewives of Dallas & The Real Housewives of Potomac are going to make their debut show on the television screens in 2016.

There are two new cities are added in Real Housewives by Bravo. This time the fans will be able to see a new turn in both shows “The Real Housewives of Potomac” and “The Real Housewives of Dallas” would appear in 2016, the system has described officially this Wednesday.


The executive producer of this network Mr. Andy Cohen added in this statement that The Real Housewives of Potomac will bring several things that you might never see on your television screens, it will be a surprising spin for everyone! As for ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’, is a natural allowance of the contract along with a Southern turn that y’all will like.”

“The Real Housewives of Potomac” is going to open on Sunday, from the first month of 2016, January 17 at 9:00pm East Time. The number of famous actress’s team is going to be the part of this exciting television show name as Katie Rost, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby and Robyn Dixon and many others who have fought for their dwellings in this civilization by way of heritage or wedding.”


As per news reports, Potomac has “progressing hills, gated granges, stylish earlier school classes, and special public clubs all attend to save the zone invite only.

Sprinkled through this publically are trickle of old-line, affluent African-American relations who have traditionally smashed ethnic fences to deliver the finest life likely for their families. In an urban where entrance is decided only finished session, purebred, and ancestry, how far will these women goes to safe their spot at the highest of this admired circle?”

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” has not yet stayed company. According to the announcement, the confirmation “follows a collection of cultured southern trendsetters, as they scrape their method to the highest level of the city’s community section. The successions spring a high-class appearance into their stylish festivals, bright shames, and vast egos, to attest exactly why all is better in Texas.” It will debut later in 2016.

This time the series is going to be amazing for all of the fans who have enjoyed its previous 4 seasons, the real house wife 2016 brings a whole new story for all you, that crate suspense and excitement for the watchers.

Justin Really Don’t wants Neighbors – Cause Privacy or to Enjoy Louder Music

There’s a saying, “a bad Neighbors is a misfortunate, as much as a good one is a blessing.” What about the person who doesn’t want a neighbor? Yes we have found the reason why the pop star is struggling to find a new house. He said, “I don’t want neighbors”.

No dugout Justin is one of the rich stars who has started lot of money by making his world famous albums as he can buy a house anywhere he want but and he doesn’t have any problem finding the right home. However, he is facing such issue just because of his logic he not likely to live in a house having a neighborhood. The pop superstar discussed his thoughts he is looking for a new house in Los Angeles, but it has become a great deal for him to find a best one.


Yes, “Justin Really Don’t wants Neighbors”

He added he doesn’t know where I actually want to live, Justin, 21 with a joke throughout the talk with U.S Weekly. “I’m neutrally maddening to amount it available, man … Me and Corey are smiling in the apartment right now, since he’s serving me try to discover some place to live. We just died smiling since we can’t discover, similar we container, but we can’t, ‘because I am not able to make a choice.”

What accurately is Bieber’s main thought when purchasing a new home? “I am not looking for a house with neighbors!” he confesses. He auxiliary clarifies, “I’m flashy, I’m actually garish. I’m going to show my melody actually, louder each nightly, I’m going to production the barrels. I’m going to must a share of people ended, perhaps. And I can’t must nationals, impartial since I don’t poverty to piss anybody stop.”

He adds, “That’s pardon I poverty to do at this new phase: I need to have amusing, I want to enjoy to melody with louder voice. But we can’t discovery that home that’s completely complete yet … that I don’t have to delay for it to require two years of manufacture. It’s a method, but we’re going to find it. Confidently we catch it in the following months.”

It would not be much important, but the source says the young pop start wants privacy as well. As he has described in his media talk “Somewhat actually gated so you need to go finished a team of entrances to grow there,” might we don’t know the meaning but hit maker stakes what he is looking from his forthcoming household. “That’s what we essential.”