Bambi Awards in Berlin – The Gowns Made the Evening Colorful

Bambi Award show was held on 12 November 2015 in Berlin Germany and several German and international stars attended the Stage Theater award show. This year’s unacknowledged champions were Germany’s numerous helpers who have stood waged untiringly to assist with the immigrant crisis.

The glamorous 67th annual Bambi awards show got gorgeous by a number of actresses who join the red carpet along with the marvelous looks and dressing and poses in their unique style for the awesome snapshot. Here’s something what the top attendant got dress up in the show.

Rita Ora


The famous British singer join the award with in a gray and white gown dress, she’s thoroughly gorgeous but when she appears in a new gown it was breath-taking to see her. She was amazingly dress up with a long gown that made her the leading personality of the award show. She also performed a song in the award show and made the evening more beautiful for the attended.

Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum joins the Berlin red carpet at Bambi Awards evening with a famous Zac Posen made pretty looking gowns, it was another floor-sweeping masterpiece wore by the Heidi Klum. Which reduced her in goose smashes from chest to toe – positions extremely as one of his highest ever conceptions. The dress made the event spectacular for Heidi.

Crown Princess of Denmark


It was an amazing moment when Mary appears on the Berlin red carpet, it was really a delighted to see Mary, as she was also looking gorgeous at 2014’s Bambi Awards in Berlin. It was only the imagination Mary appears with the same concept this year again. Mary was perfectly great when she appears in a sparkling blue peplum gown that was dropped from one shoulder. The media said, this what a princes look like as it was elegant and well matched with her personality.

Hilary Swank

US actress Hilary Swank poses for photographers on the red carpet as she arrives for the Bambi awards on November 12, 2015 in Berlin. The Bambis are the main German media awards.     AFP PHOTO / ODD ANDERSENODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Hilary Swank joins the red carpet at Bambi Awards this evening. It was great to see the actress dress up with a sizeable dose of glamour with this iridescent recently released fall collection. Oozing evening was stylishness, she elegance her appearance with a box catch and subtle jewelries.

However, the gorgeous looks of gown make the evening trendy and eye catching for all of the people and grab’s media attention to catch each and every movement of famous celebrities who just appears in their different stylish gown that are recently launched by the famous designers fall 2015 collection.

Here come the new girls that appears in the Victoria’s Secret Ramp

This is one of the most wanted fashion events in the fashion industry – a sign that new models truly made the fashion show gorgeous.

There were several models participated in the industry but the two of them make it more perfect with their outstanding performance. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner just 20 years old burst onto the Victoria’s Secret ramp at New York City fashion show.


Both models look the rising star role in the whole day fashion week. They both made the great debut for the under wearable dresses’ of different brands alongside long recognized Angels Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge. Both of these brands got the top spot during the fashion day with the gorgeous performance of both of their models.

So, if you need to elaborate, gem-encrusted part of underclothing is one of the highpoints of the demonstration and offered each year by the underclothing giant’s favorite perfect past Imaginary Bra wearers have comprised Tyra Banks and Giselle Bündchen.

The event sketched a choice troop of style insiders and superstar visitors, but won’t be on-screen on CBS pending December 8 anywhere it will be observed by lots of people who are attached with the fashion industry.

The action crowded show appeared to have it completely – counting a crowd of personalities together on the stage and stop – through the melodies counting snow monarchs, nerves, sparklers and festival.

Behati Prinsloo, 26 years old unlocked the demonstration for the additional year successively in a affected clothing, though Alessandra Ambrosio, 34 years old shadowed rapidly afterward in additional excellent sweet.

Consuming made a debauched retrieval after her session of influenza, Candice wowed in an affected butterfly fashioned suit. Just before a week she was determined up to an oxygen cover as she writhed to recover her fitness in time for the remarkable night.

For the end of the show she was rather more angelic in a glittering jumpsuit, cut with a plunge to the navel, to expose her white bra.

There remained more downs – this time in the procedure of annexes, though a background of snowflake and snowy Christmas plants provided the act a break texture.

The big ending saw Candice acceptance Alessandra, Behati and Lily on the stage, the lassies smiling as they embraced.

Selena Gomez, just 23 years old got the catwalk on the ramp and performed the song Me & My Girls off which is just going to be released in her upcoming album Revival, another famous British singer Ellie Goulding, 28 years old, brought a version of her one of the most hit songs Love Me Like You Do.

So, in the recently held Victoria Fashion Show got some great talent for the upcoming fashion shows that are being helped by famous brands of the fashion industry. There are a several new models have been introduced to appear on the ramp along with the huge collection of newly designed dresses.

Watch Finding Dory Trailer it Brings Something Gorgeous this time

The amnesiac blue trace fish after ‘Finding Nemo’ is around to board on a new escapade as she twitches to recall her historical.

“Finding Dory” becomes the chief clip. The major character voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, the admirers preferred amnesiac fish type “Finding Nemo” just come back and annoying to discovery her domestic in this future gyration rotten. She is snooze speaking and sleep spinning in the tattletale look. “Don’t cry mommy. Don’t cry,” she mutters.


In one additional act, the azure trace fish cries as she appears to get a showy of her historical reminiscences, “I recalled somewhat. That’s not likely, remains the same? Is it similar an image in your skull, and then you reason, ‘I’ve understood that beforehand?’ I fair rummage-sale the expression ‘before’ that means I’m retention somewhat.”

The Finding Nemo continuation is agreed to discover the queries of who Dory’s household is and anywhere she originated after.

Though particulars are motionless justly thin on the crushed, the conspiracy rotates about Dory incisive for her domestic, afterward she activates to discussion them in her snooze and need blazes of remembrance around them.

Something Facts about Upcoming Dory

  • Teaser Trailer Arrived: 10 Nov 2015
  • Sweeping: 1.6k

By Luke Karmali Disney has launched the first short trailer for Fsinding Dory.

The Finding Nemo monitor up is set to discover the queries of who Dory’s domestic is and anywhere she originated from.

  • Release date: June 17, 2016
  • Entertaining Technology: 3D/2D theaters and IMAX
  • Studio: Disney/Pixar
  • Directors: Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane
  • Screenwriters: Andrew Stanton, Victoria Strouse
  • Cast: Ellen DeGeneres, Ty Burrell, Kaitlin Olson, Ed O’Neill, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Hayden Rolence, Albert Brooks,
  • Genre: Animation, Family

However particulars are quiet honestly reedy on the crushed, the conspiracy rotates about Dory penetrating for her own home, afterward she instigates to reference them in her slumber and have blazes of reminiscence around them.


Finding Dory was initially publicized way posterior in 2013 and is a directed consequence to the 2003 Finding Nemo, set half of the year later. Unique costars Ellen DeGeneres who played role as Dory and Albert Brooks just followed the role of Marlin are back, yet fresh Hayden Rolence receipts over as Nemo – assumed Alexander Gould is now a mature person and can’t precisely pull off Nemo’s speech any lengthier.


“Finding Dory” reunifies Dory with groups Nemo and Marlin on a hunt for responses about her previous days; she is just thinking to remember, which whom she was from the past days, and where did she study to voice Monster?

The movie is really going to be an awesome piece for the cinemas in upcoming years. Several fans of animated movies are really impressed just with the teaser trailer, so we can just imagine what happen on the trailer even on the release of the movie. It might possible the movie got one of the top places on the box office.

Blindspot’ Season 2 Released with some Thrilling Moves and Interesting Story

This is going to be an inevitable step, as NBC has shared several strong drama series and Blindspot seson 2 will be one of those.

The channel revealed on this Monday that “Blindspot” is going to be appears on your television screens with another thrilling season renewal. The drama actioner Jaimie Alexander got the place among the freshmen who have picked up for a sophomore period of renewed dramas.

Blindspot - Season 1

“We are finished the moon with the achievement of a new season named ‘Blindspot’, and need to acknowledge our makers and astonishing company for producing one of the greatest fascinating television shows for small screen fans. Jaimie and Sullivan have completed a remarkable task of inflaming up the pressure every week in trying to disentangle the unidentified of Jane’s commands,” said Jennifer Salke, leader of NBC Entertainment, she added “We plainly can’t delay to get what another season will carries.”


The run based on Alexander’s Jane who has no retentions of her previous afterward originate nude in Times Square with her figure fully enclosed in complicated tattoos. The show tracks her detection, which circles off a massive and difficult secret that directly burns the devotion of the FBI, who instigates to track the pathway on her body to disclose a superior scheme of offense while passing her closer to realizing the fact about her individuality.

“Blindspot” has is likely to appear on Monday 10pm. From the first e episode, the show started getting an average rating of a 3.7 among adults under age of 18-49 and key example and 12.7 million watchers generally. Big gainer in late watching as well, the accomplishment crowded season was stole a full 1st spell just the last month.

So, the above facts shows the second season of Blandspot will bring a trilling move to the people who want to see something new on their television screens. As the production team as well as the actors made the work awesome by working harder for 2nd season of this exciting television show.

Story Line Summery

The story is based on a woman who have lost her memory of her past and found naked in Times Square with but her body got covered in intricate tattoos. This discovery of the lady sets off a massive and multifaceted unknown thins that directly grabs the FBI attention, which instigates to shadow the street map that are made by tattoos on her body with the massive conspiracy of criminality, while transporting her closer to learning the fact about her individuality.

The story looks very ingesting and suspenseful to be motivated to watch the next episode. There are several things that you are going to enjoy your television screens.

What Nick Cannon Thinks on Report about Mariah Carey Move at James Packer House?

Mariah Carey has allegedly moved her gear to James’ Beverly Hills house which is only 5 minutes from her own house she’s been leasing.

At the moment Nick Cannon has to break his peace and crashed on his ex-wife Mariah Carey enthused in with her new partner James Packer. Talking to New York Daily News, Nick said, “That’s only a news to me as well, as she is not sure about it, she added.


TMZ also reported, Mariah just moved her things like clothes, bedding, furniture and her works, to her new partner James’ house in Beverly Hills which is not enough far from her home where she was living on rent. The website also added they are going to openly discuss their marriage.

A demonstrative for Mariah hasn’t remarked on this crash yet. Explosion of her transfer comes just days later Mariah and James chucked a Halloween gathering joined by Nick and their 4-year-old twin children. Mariah and James have been courting for five months.


In his interview he also added something about the upcoming “America’s Got Talent” open tests at Queens College in New York. As she said the people of New Yorker will enjoy the upcoming event,” he stocks, “They’re kind of ‘take me for completely that I am’ besides they’re very impenitent about it.”

He continues to saying frequently where we discover performances that reflect they are the finest of the best – occasionally they are and every now and then they’re not and that’s what brands this awesome show greater – they’re the thoughtful of people that heave attention to the wind and transport it all out on period.”

Nick says he would miss his show partner Howard Stern, who might not the part of upcoming America Got Talent and replaced with Simon Cowell as a judge of the show. He also share that the Howard’s friend, and he also missing him from the start”. “Simon is candid and following and carries a lot of heart through him.”

He added “he continuously says that this reviewer’s bench is engaged by a no-holds striped kind of individuals,” he enhances, “Main by Piers Morgan, then Howard Stern and now Simon. That bench of judges is a slight strict at this time, a little harsh, but at the conclusion of the days whoever has be seated there has been absorbed on conclusion the best capacity.”