Kanye West busy with children and Kim Kardashian on rest after revealing pregnancy weight gain

The famous reality television star thinks she has gained over 7lbs, with her pregnancy as the expected son is really have like a pineapple. Kim’s doctor suggested her to keep controlling her weight during the pregnancy period. The reality star, have about six weeks to birth her next child. These days is not working out as it becomes harder for her.

Kim is on Kim expecting a child in just few months after and Kanye West playing his role as good dad. The rapper turned into a perfect seen taking his two-year-old girl in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday.


North was her daddy’s little princess, looking cute in her green leotard and frilly tulle skirt, pink ballet slippers and her hair in the proper topknot befitting a ballernina.

Kanye’s beloved daughter was also generous a cool concealment coat that coordinated her suit. The soon-to-be dad-of-two children letting Kim a greatly wanted break as she is being traded from pregnancy weight gain, desires and swelling.

Kim also added phrases “I’m gaining a lot of weight” on her blog KimKardashianWest.com.


With North, Kanye was ever concentrating, letting time for North to mix a slight with her aunt Kourtney. Kourtney was informally thin in black legwarmers and a heating hoodie, lengthways with a grey baseball cap and black coaches.

Penelope observed attractive in a dark leather coat, dark tights skin fit leggy and black ballet slippers, and her extended hair was wedged up in a pigtail.

There’s something to remember the couple was weds last year however, they had their child girl before the wedding after splitting with the Kim’s ex-boyfriend Ray J. However, it was a big deal for Kim when Ray makes a dispute to grab her first child custody, but he as to stay away from her.


Kim and West’s relation looks going awesome as the rapper seems interested to manage their child even he has to take some help from his cousin. On the other hand the reality television start is just taking some rest for more weeks until the birth of their expected baby boy.

As we all know the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding was one of the most awaited events by their fans. It was not a very big show but yes they spent a lot for it. The half million dollar dress wore word by Kim and $400,000 cost of the venue arrangement and they also spent a big amount of $7,000 for a 7ft cake. This is what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian splashed over $12 million on their extravagant bridal. Her beautiful white designer cost a cool $500,000 while the 16th period attractive Italian location set them spinal another $410,000 on May 28, 2014.

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